house week, day six: favourite season → season four

Interview? You test drive a car before you buy it; you have sex before you get married. I can’t hire a team based on a ten minute interview. What if I don’t like having sex with them?

2.19 | 4.06 | 5.06 | 5.19 | 5.23


I swear the fuckin producers of the simpsons knew shit was an issue before anyone opened their eyes.




Ten pictures that will make you love advertising

This right here is what advertising should be. Not sexualizing men and women. Just clever little things like this.

the van gogh and shark one though

ob meme || [6/8] visually beautiful scenes
     ↳ I am a very patient man, Helena.

"This is police business." "My ass it is."


"The runt of the litter! That one’s yours, Snow."